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To Ditch or Not To Ditch the Organisational Effectiveness Role

Updated: Mar 12

FIMC Podcast on Organisational Effectiveness Role with Shane Coveney

Meet Shane Coveney:

Shane Coveney

Shane is a partner in Dillon Eustace’s Asset Management and Investment Funds unit with particular expertise in exchange traded funds, UCITS and Alternative Investment Funds.

Shane has over 10 years’ experience in advising international asset management firms and investment banks in relation to structuring, establishing and authorisation of Irish regulated investment funds and in providing regulatory advice to leading asset managers and fund promoters.

In addition to advising the promoters and investment managers, Shane advises fund investors, fund directors and fund service providers on relevant Irish law, regulation and market practice.

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Meet Daniel Lawlor:

Daniel Lawlor

As the former head of the Central Bank of Ireland’s Funds Policy Team and the Central Bank’s Project Lead on CP86, Daniel was involved in designing, drafting and implementing regulatory initiatives affecting the funds industry from 2010 to 2017.  Investment Funds Lawyer for 9 years at William Fry, one of Ireland’s leading law firms.

Today, Daniel Lawlor is MD of Aquest; a boutique firm dedicated to improving your experience with the Financial Regulator.  

You may connect with Daniel through the following sites:

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In this special episode of The Aquest Podcast, Daniel Lawlor is joined by Shane Coveney, a Partner in the Funds Department at Dillon Eustace. In this episode, they talk about the OE Role (Organisation Effectiveness), and how it has been affecting ManCos and SMICS since it's introduction with CP86. While Daniel think that it's time to ditch the role, Shane has some insights on why the role has proven itself useful in the Funds Industry.

You can listen to the conversation on:

Website, Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher or here on YouTube

A transcript of the conversation is available for download:

01_Aquest Podcast_FIMC Edition_To Ditch
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