CP86 The Final Chapter
Transforming Challenge into Best Practice
The Regulatory Landscape​
Staff Up or go Third Party
Oversight of Delegates: Best Practices
What happens when things go wrong?
The Leaders' Lounge
Dillon Eustace​ Leading
AMX Leading
Convergence Leading
Mazars Leading
Aquest Leading
2 Nov 2020, 2pm Irish Time
3 Nov, 2020, 2pm Irish Time
4 Nov, 2020, 2pm Irish Time
5 Nov 2020, 2pm Irish Time
6 Nov 2020, 2pm Irish Time

The Irish-Based Virtual Event with and for the Funds Industry as it relates to CP86

Abstract Architecture


5 Engineered Themes
spanning Policy to Technology
5 Consecutive Days
2:00pm - 4:00pm Irish Time
9:00am -11:00am EST

First of all, allow us to bid all of you SMICS, farewell. CP86 - The Final Chapter will unpack 5 key themes, from 4 unique perspectives, in order to produce the insights, direction and options available to the funds industry now. 

Five Engineered Themes:

  • The Regulatory Landscape

  • CP86 Solutions: Staff Up or​ go Third Party
  • Oversight of Delegates: Best Practices
  • What happens when things go wrong?
  • The Leaders' Lounge

Four Unique Perspectives:

  • Firm

  • Industry

  • Regulator

  • Employee

Across Five Consecutive Days, starting at 2pm Irish Time: 

  • Monday, 2 Nov 2020

  • Tuesday, 3 Nov 2020 

  • Wednesday, 4 Nov 2020 

  • Thursday, 5 Nov 2020

  • Friday, 6 Nov 2020


Subtle Shapes Transparent



Collective wisdom, engineered material and
a 360 degree perspective as to what, why, how.

Transforming challenge into best practice is rarely done in isolation.

A group of experts is coming together to put their brightest to work in order to deliver the quintessential ideas that are best placed to transform the CP86 challenge into a best practice. 

Image by Scott Webb

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The free, digital Goody Bag will be shared with you via email (using the email you used to RSVP for MiniCon and then attend two or more of our MiniCon sessions) on or before 5 pm Irish Time, 9th November 2020. 


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