Transforming Challenge into Best Practice

From Policy to Technology

Abstract Architecture


5 Engineered Themes
spanning Policy to Technology
5 Consecutive Days
2:00pm - 4:00pm Irish Time
9:00am -11:00am EST

First of all, allow us to bid all of you SMICS, farewell. CP86 - The Final Chapter will unpack 5 key themes, from 4 unique perspectives, in order to produce the insights, direction and options available to the funds industry now. 

Five Engineered Themes:

  • The Regulatory Landscape

  • CP86 Solutions: Staff Up or​ go Third Party
  • Oversight of Delegates: Best Practices
  • What happens when things go wrong?
  • The Leaders' Lounge

Four Unique Perspectives:

  • Firm

  • Industry

  • Regulator

  • Employee

Across Five Consecutive Days, starting at 2pm Irish Time: 

  • Monday, 2 Nov 2020

  • Tuesday, 3 Nov 2020 

  • Wednesday, 4 Nov 2020 

  • Thursday, 5 Nov 2020

  • Friday, 6 Nov 2020



Collective wisdom, engineered material and
a 360 degree perspective as to what, why, how.

Transforming challenge into best practice is rarely done in isolation.

A group of experts is coming together to put their brightest to work in order to deliver the quintessential ideas that are best placed to transform the CP86 challenge into a best practice. 


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