Transforming Challenge into Best Practice

Abstract Architecture


Image by Alexander Wende


& Culture

  1. Risk Culture 

  2. Compliance Culture 

  3. Diversity & Culture

  4. Inclusion & Culture

Image by Paweł Czerwiński

Technology Automation & Data

  1. Reducing Costs & Risk 

  2. Increasing Revenue & Compliance

Modern White Building

Innovation & Future

  1. Business Models in a Regulated World

  2. Blockchain & Digital Currency

  3. Artifical Intelligence for Funds

Abstract Visual Art

Shared Best Practice &

Industry Methodologies

Paper Abstract

Industry Polls, Insights

& Temperature Checks



When change is the only constant, let Innovation be its echo

Transforming challenge into best practice is rarely done in isolation.

FIMC seeks to tackle uncomfortable conversations for the purpose of resolving best practice by leveraging a collective wisdom, presented in mini formats, for an industry to share in.

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